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Prints published by Daikokuya: Kako Tsuji

1.   Bird in Flight, (n.d., aiban)

2.   Yellow Bird on Rice Stalks, (n.d., aiban)

3.   Red Tiger Lily and Bee, (n.d., aiban)

4.   Snowy Egret, (n.d., aiban)

5.   Rooster and Hen with Morning Glories, (n.d., aiban)

6.   Mallard Duck in Snow, (n.d., aiban)

7.   Beetle on Narcissus, (n.d., aiban)

8.   Grasshopper on Flowering Plant, (n.d., aiban)

9.   Bush Cricket with Falling Blossoms, (n.d., aiban)

10.   Bird on Carnation, (n.d., aiban)

11.   Bluebird on Camellia, (n.d., 10 x 5 in.)

12.   Rooster and Hen, (n.d., tanzaku)

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