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Carp and Other Fish

The sinuous curve of fish in motion has been the inspiration for many Japanese prints and paintings. Carp and koi, with their vibrant colors and distinctive shape, are particularly popular subject matter. Similar to traditional bird and flower prints, the fish in shin hanga are often paired with a flowering plant or sprig of greenery. In some other examples, they are depicted leaping upward while stylized sprays of water fall around them. Hiroshi Yoshida's print, Carp in Pond, and Fujio Yoshida's print, Gold Fishes, show fish as they are typically seen in captivity.

Striped Bass
by Chiura Obata
(oban, 1930)

Leaping Carp
by Komori Soseki
(hosoban, 1929)

by Watanabe Seitei
(shikishiban, 1910)

Golden Carp
by Ohara Koson
(tanzaku, n.d.)

Carp and Wisteria
by Ohara Hoson
(oban, n.d.)

Carp in Pond
by Hiroshi Yoshida
(oban, 1926)

by Shiro Kasamatsu
(oban, 1957)

Carp and Watergrass
by Ohara Shoson
(oban, 1926)

Carp and Waterfall
by Ohara Shoson
(shikishiban, 1935)

Gold Fishes
by Fujio Yoshida
(oban, 1926)

Carp and Lotus
by Ohara Shoson
(shikishiban, n.d.)

Red Carp
by Ohara Shoson
(tanzaku, 1930)

Leaping Trout
by Ohara Koson
(tanzaku, 1910)

Waves of Petals
by Shiro Kasamatsu
(oban, 1956)

by Ohara Shoson
(oban, 1926)

Carp and Cherry
by Bakufu Ono
(oban, ca.1940)

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