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The Hanga Gallery, located in Durham, North Carolina, specializes in Japanese shin hanga prints of the early 20th century and selected modern prints.

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Our partner, the Torii Gallery, located in Bethesda, Maryland, deals in Japanese woodblock prints, ranging from ukiyo-e and shin hanga to contemporary prints.

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new acquisitions

Updated: December 16, 2016

Stone Lanterns
by Toshi Yoshida

Kanahama, Hizen
by Kawase Hasui

Japanese Girl with Lantern
by Elizabeth Keith

From the Land of Morning Calm
by Elizabeth Keith

Red Canna
by Fujio Yoshida

Print of the Month : January 2017

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Hinomizaki, Izumo by Kawase Hasui

This atmospheric scene of windswept pine trees and turbulent seas along the Izumo coastline of southern Japan is one of the most famous images in Hasui's 3rd Souvenirs of Travels series. It was published in two main color variations - a daytime version printed in lighter, more delicate pastel colors, and this version, a dramatic night scene in which the intensity of the incoming wind and waves are heightened through a palette of deep blue, dark green and black tones.

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