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The Hanga Gallery, located in Durham, North Carolina, specializes in Japanese woodblock prints of the 20th century as well as selected modern printmakers.

Our partner, the Torii Gallery, located in Bethesda, Maryland, deals in Japanese woodblock prints, ranging from ukiyo-e and shin hanga to contemporary prints.

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New Acquisitions

Updated: August 27, 2015

Egret on snow-covered branch
by Ohara Shoson

King's Tower, Yokohama
by Kawase Hasui

Sacred Mt. Fuji
by Kawase Hasui

Japanese street scene in snow
by Kawase Hasui

Hachiman Temple, Kamakura
by Kawase Hasui

Modern Printmakers

Articles and Exhibits

Harbor by Mary Brodbeck

Dawn, St. Helena Island by Ray Heus

Sunset by Ray Heus